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CHEM-E8105: Enzymatic and Biomimetic Catalysis (5 cr)
21.02.2018–10.04.2018 (teaching period 4) 
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The knowledge of the principle activation mechanisms in biosynthesis helps us to exploit enzymatic catalysts in organic synthesis. This course will provide a brief introduction into the activation modes of enzymes and discuss opportunities and limitations for synthetic chemistry. Furthermore, the course aims to directly connect features of natural catalysts with the rational development of small molecule analogues as found in modern organocatalysis. 

23.2.2018: Introduction (basic principles of catalysis, protein structure and cofactors) 

27.2.2018: Oxidoreductases I (carbonyl and imine reductases) 

2.3.2018: Oxidoreductases II (oxygenating enzymes) 

6.3.2018: Transferases (transaminases) 

9.3.2018: Lyases I (decarboxylases and transketolases) 

13.3.2018: Lyases II (aldolases) 

16.3.2018: Hydrolases 

27.3.2017: Directed evolution / Muta- and Semisynthesis 

CHEM-E4195: Selectivity in Organic Synthesis (5 cr)
19.2.2018–5.4.2018 (teaching period 4)  
link to course page on mycourses.aalto.fi

The course takes up previously reviewed organic transformations and discusses them in the context of regio- and diastereoselectivity. The course will provide the tools to perform the conformational analyses and employ general concepts such as polarity control and orbital control to predict reaction outcomes and relative configurations in C-C and C-heteroatom bond forming transformations. Reactions will include the addition of simple carbon nucleophiles, enolates and P-, S-, and Si-stabilized carbanions to carbonyls and olefinic double bonds as well as cycloadditions and rearrangements.   

19.2.2018: Stereogenic elements

23.2.2018: Stereoelectronics

26.2.2018: Carbonyl chemistry – induced diastereoselectivity I

5.3.2018: Carbonyl chemistry – induced diastereoselectivity II

9.3.2018: Carbonyl chemistry – Aldol additions

16.3.2018: Additions to olefins I

23.3.2018: Additions to olefins II

26.3.2018: Pericyclic reactions I

29.3.2018: Pericyclic reactions II