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CHEM-E8130: Medicinal Chemistry
30.10.2017–12.12.2017 (teaching period 2)  
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The course is providing a comprehensive overview of the developments in pharmaceutical research from historically relevant examples to modern medicinal chemistry and 'biologicals'. The lecture will include in-depth discussions of important aspects such as modes of drug-target interactions, transport and metabolism, structure-activity relationship, and lead optimization and rational design. The course is complemented with general considerations regarding the development of pharmaceuticals and drug-to-market processes.

30.10.2017: General terms & basic principles

02.11.2017: Transport & metabolism

06.11.2017: Cyclooxygenase inhibition

09.11.2017: Lipid regulation

13.11.2017: Steroids & hormones

16.11.2017: Protease inhibition 1

20.11.2017: Protease inhibition 2

23.11.2017: Microtubule binders

27.11.2017: RNA/DNA mimicry and interference

30.11.2017: Neuroactive drugs

04.12.2017: Exercises

07.12.2017: From drug discovery to approval

CHEM-E8110: Laboratory Course in Biosystems and Biomaterials Engineering (10 cr) (with Alex Frey & Heli Viskari))
2.10.2017–8.12.2017 (teaching period 1 & 2)  
link to course page on mycourses.aalto.fi

01.12. fermentation of ethyl acetoacetate

02.12. isolation of ethyl-beta-hydroxybutyrate and analysis of optical purity

08.12. synthesis of paracetamol

09.12. recrystallization of paracetamol